Maintenance and repair

We have workshops in Tallinn, Tartu and Jõhvi.
Mainly the services still provided by the customer with our fully equipped and manned service vans.
Well trained and experienced service-personnel have state-of-art equipment and tools which is combined with their deep technical knowledge.
Our significant investments have helped to minimize the stand-by time of our customer machines during maintenance and repair.

Even if you have purchased your machine not from Baltem, we are ready to solve your technical problems and consult you.
We have made several re-buildings and specific adjustments to different machines to be able to work with new attachments.
- brush cutter, hydraulic hammer, eccentric ripper, gliding bucket.
Additionally we can offer services with different special tools to non-Komatsu machines.

Help Desk

☎ 56 669 907 Tallinn

☎ 55 534 052 Tartu

☎ 555 60 546 Jõhvi